Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Our Bedroom Decor

Happy Monday all!

We have finally done our bedrooms up! all our time has been going into the downstairs, the lounge, the kitchen & the general jobs that crop up! Yesterday we finally got some bits and bobs we had been looking at for awhile now & I'm super happy with how its turned out. So i thought i would share with you how it looks, and where a few of the bits and bobs are from.

We have gone for a grey and white theme in here & I am working on Jacob to let me have some pink in here.. haha we can dream!

Walls-We painted the grey wall in Moles breath and then the white  is just white emulsion we had lying around.

Lamps- I wanted some large lamps for the beside, so when I saw these in dunelm I knew they would end perfect. I have wanted them for awhile and they have been out of stock for ages in stores near us, but this weekend we were in Preston & I spotted a dunelm from the motorway  so we had to go and they had 2 left! Yay!

Lampshade- also from dunelm! Also in the sale, £8 and it shines beautifully onto the wall as a reflection!lampshade

Bedside tables- my bedside tables are cheap ones from Argos that we have up-cycled ourselves, we painted them with rustoleum chalk paint in antique white & then replpaced the knobs with crystal ones from Homebase to create a more glam look! bedside tables

Prints- The frames are RIBBA from ikea 50x70. The prints are from my all time favourite shop DESENIO.  It's an online shop that have hundreds of gorgeous prints for you to frame. We went for a picture of the moon & a quote that reads ' I love you to the moon and back. Ikea frames

Bed frame- I have forgotten where this was from as i have had it since I lived with mum, I'm sure you've can pick one up similar online somewhere!

Bedding- The bedding is from George, it's from their luxury range and is Egyptian cotton. It has a slight stripe to it and I may in time change it for plain white but this will do for now !Bedding

Cushions- I have 2 large grey cushions at the back which were my mums and were baby pink. We died them with Dylon to a dark grey & it worked wonders! The check cushions are from IKEA! I think they were £5 or something, then I just bought some cushions from ikea also. The heart cushion is from primark! £3.

Thanks for looking- hope you enjoyed this post, more posts about the house to follow!!

fran xx 

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Little Holiday Haul!

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! even if it is raining, I'm buying bikini's and summery things! :)

Hey beauty's! hope your all ok.. Thought I would show you a few bits I picked up today at the shops!

I am so so SO excited that Boots have bought out NYX cosmetics YES! I spent a good 15 minutes mooching round the stall thinking how great it was and what to try!:') I have only ever tired a lip cream from here a while back so i knew they were good!

 I picked up one of those in shade Stockholm,a liquid highlgihter born to glow in shade Beam. I get discount at boots so they came £10.50 but i think the Lip tint was £5.50? and the highlighter £7.00? don't  quote me as I can't find the receipt! haha anyway super excited to try these will keep you updated!

Some super cute candles from H&M for my holiday! I love tan and tassels,so when I saw them both together on a shoe... I was in love instantly! These were £14.99 but I had a return voucher for £15 so technically they were free! ;)

OK for the bargain of the day. This bikini from H&M is £3.99 for each part! amazing huh! I thought so. £7.98 for a bikini! Yes please!  They also had it in black I was torn between them both but at that price If I like this one I will certainly be going back to pick up the black one!


Lastly, I picked up this cute house decoration that reads 'Dream until your dreams come true'.
I felt this was pretty apt as I passed my driving test on Monday and Ive been driving on and off for so long and I finally did it! So feeling super proud and this little memo caught my eye and I thought it was sweet. It was only 99p so I picked it up! 

Hope you enjoy! 
Fran xxx

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

May Primark Favourites!

Hi guys! Im going to share with you my May Primark Favs!

Yep! Primark. I love the new one at The Fort, it means I can get all the lovely Primark bits and bobs without having a fight with 4 pushchairs and get my toe squashed in the Birmingham one.

First up is this gorgeous triangl replica bikini, I saw this on Primark's instagram page & knew I had to have it! I've been wearing it to the gym and its perfect and only £10! 

Love love love this tie up top, the material is so thick and chunky so it fits your figure nicely. They had it in loads of different colours but only had my size in this pinky colour, still cute! So easy to just throw on, only £6.00!

I have needed a new gym top for a while now and whilst I was mooching round Primark I saw they had a gym section! water bottles, trousers, leggings, jumpers all sorts! I picked up this grey gym top, it has a support crop top inside too. I think this was £6 also, which is a complete BARGAIN!

Last but not least these gorgeous sunnies! I saw them and instantly fell in love and had to have both colours (typical me) but for £2, you can afford to do that! Unlike River Island and other shops that are like £12 each! These will most certainly be in my hand luggage for my holiday!

Have you guys got anything nice from there recently? I'd love to see!

Thanks for stopping by,

Enjoy the Sunshine!!!
Fran xxxx

Sunday, 24 April 2016

£10 Jumpsuit

Hi girlies! Sorry I have been abit absent recently! I wanted to share with you this little gem.

 I love jumpsuits! They are so easy to wear and look so effortless when they are on, you can dress them up or down with bags and jewelery so they are really versatile for many occasions.

 I was mooching in the H&M sale the other day and came across a lovely little number! It was a lovely wide leg junpsuit with little clasps as detail round the bust and it was just £10! I teamed it with a pair of black heels and off I went! Super easy, let me know what you think of this outfit ! 

Grab one while you can girls! Xxx

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Biore Charcoal pore strips!

Biore Charcoal pore strips!

Now this one is pretty gross but I have to tell you about it! 

A friend told me about these Biore charcoal pore strips so I had to try them out! I got them from Boots for £7.99 which is quite steep I must say, you do get six in a box which is good as that makes them just over a pound for each one. 

They come in a black packet individually wrapped and you have to take it off and split the sides that have been pre cut to make it a nice fit around your nose. You have to leave it on for 10-15 minutes and the strip goes hard and you then peel it off. Warning! It does get petty stuck to your skin so peel it off carefully as it can hurt! 

I used one and my boyfriend used one too, mine was clean with only a few on but Jacob's was great ! These are so satisfying and they really do work. They leave your nose feeling really fresh and you can even see your blackheads on the strip ( nice!)  They are good to get those hard to reach ones that you just can't get! 

Would defo recommend these to anyone!! 

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Nip and fab dragons blood cleansing pads

Nip&fab;Dragons blood cleansing pads!

After recently seeing that the kardashians were a fan on the Nip & Fab range, I stumbled across them in the sale at Superdrug for £4.49 instead of £9.95, so i just had to!

I have to tell you all something funny, when i was buying them with my friend I said ' do you think its real dragon's blood?'

and the best part was she was like 'I don't know i hope not!' It was not until i got home and asked my mum the same question that i remembered that dragon's aren't real... :")

I didn't know what to expect when i first opened them but they are almost like pre loaded cotton pads, moist to touch, quite thin. 

First of all the smell of this product is lovely, I think its the witch hazel that gives it there smell, it's like a clean spa smelling smell, lol.

This product claims to : Wipe away the day with these gentle cleansing pads enriched with salicylic + hyaluronic acids to deeply cleanse pores + provide long-lasting hydration for skin that appears plumper.

I would say it does to the above, when i use it after my other skin care products it really does leave my face clean and touchwood my skin has been clearer since i started using them. I was sceptical at first because my skin can get really quite oily but since using these i would say it has got a lot better. I have heard Salicylic acid can be quite drying but this product has the addition of hyaluronic acids  which means that skin isn't stripped and is instead left hydrated and plum. I would say use them and wait 5 minutes before you apply your moisturiser as it does leave a residue on your face.

All in all I love this product and would defo recommend, especially while they are in the sale! I'm not sure If i am prepared to pay  the full £9.95 for them as I do feel that is quite steep.  I have had mine for a couple of weeks and I am already half way through the pot. They may have to be a luxury item for holidays or weekends away oh and birthdays of course ;)

I am excited to try some of their other products in there range. 

Have you used any of the Nip & Fab range? 

Fran xx

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Primark at The Fort

Primark at The Fort! 

Wahhhooo! It's finally open. I've waited so long for there to be a Primark closer to me other than the Birmingham store and this is literally 15 minutes down the road! 

I went yesterday with my mum on the opening night. It was so good, so clean and tidy for a Primark! I hope that's not just because it is new. The changing rooms were lovely and tidy. OK the queue was long but that is to be expected! The staff were all lovely speaking to you as you went round and having a conversation with you at the till. They even have a few sofa's dotted around for you to sit on! 

There was huge sections for each type of clothing including, lingerie, pyjamas, beachwear, a huge shoe section, bags, trousers, gym / activewear. 

I'm so happy to not have to go to Birmingham every time I need something from there or even to return anything! I managed to only spend £30!! Thank god as I don't get paid till tomorrow but i will defo be returning soon after payday! If your thinking about going I would defo recommend it's like a posh primarkπŸ˜‚

Here are some pics of it for you, oh and also, it's huge!!!